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This just in from Reuters: Muslims are now more numerous than Roman Catholics. Until 2006, the Roman Catholic faith was the single largest denomination in the world, at about 1.13 billion people. Islam is now estimated to hold the allegiance of 1.3 billion.

This is not to say that Catholicism is losing membership. The article points out that, as a percentage of the world's population, Roman Catholics still account for about 17.4%, as they have for years. What accounts for the difference is a much higher birth rate for Muslims.
Christianity as a whole, still counts for 33% of the population, or about 2 billion people. Islam, however, is growing fast.

All things being equal, this news shouldn't cause too much alarm. We here at Montag's World are all about religious tolerance. Hey, you can believe in anything (or nothing) you want, so long as you don't try to force your beliefs on me or mine.
Which is where the problem with Islam comes in. Tolerance is not exactly one of the virtues of Islam. Nor do the fundamentalists among them have any love for such niceties as "separation of mosque and state", religious freedom, representative government, gay rights, women's rights, or just about anything else we in America take for granted.
In short, all things are not equal. We are looking at a faith whose mindset dates back almost 1,500 years and which is bent upon world domination, or The Global Caliphate.
If you doubt me on these points, then read the works of Mark A. Gabriel. Personally, if I were to take any one's word on the subject of Islam, it would be Prof. Gabriel's. The man was once a scholar of the Qu'ran in Egypt, until he had a crisis of faith involving matters of Jihad and terrorism. When he converted to Christianity, he had to flee Egypt and take his current name, both for his own protection and that of his family back home. He details how the Qu'ran commands the faithful, in no uncertain terms, to "slay the infidel" (that would be you and me, folks!) or make them "submit" (which is the actual translation of the word "Islam") to Islam through either conversion or a tax so steep that it is only just short of death.
Then again, you can read Craig Winn's excellent book, Prophet of Doom, online. Winn insightfully blends four or five different translations of the Qu'ran, the Hadith, and the Sunnah, or the recorded history of Mohammad and his "religion" written by Bukhari, Mulim, Ishaq, and Tabari. These aren't rabid bigots, or "virulent" Zionists casting false accusations against Islam. These are the earliest and the most trusted sources of the faith.
Let's put aside Political Correctness and get honest here. Islam has been at war with the world (indeed, even with Muslims themselves) ever since Mohammad came down from his mountain. As Mr. Winn writes:
Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence.

The critics of this work will claim that Prophet of Doom is offensive, racist, hatemongering, intolerant, and unnecessarily violent. I agree - but I didn't write those parts. They came directly from Islam's scriptures. If you don't like what Muhammad and Allah said, don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.
That's right, folks! This is the Qu'ran and Islam's oldest, "holiest" writings saying these things.
Being that the Qu'ran calls Jihad the most important work of the faithful (and no, Allah isn't talking about "the spiritual fight of the inner soul", as many apologists speciously claim) it is absolutely reasonable that this heightened birth rate can be construed as "Jihad by other means". In other words, where they can't slay us outright, they merely breed faster than we can. Either way can further Islam and bring about the Global Caliphate.
I don't pretend to know the answer. After all, how can you fight 1.3 billion people? Is the rest of the Western World even aware of the danger that this burgeoning "religion" represent? Will we in America have the stomach to face this peril?
There is one thing, though, that we can -- indeed, we must -- do. We must recognize the truth of the enemy. Saying things like "Islam is the religion of peace", like we were some kind of Miss America contestant, is merely hiding our collective head in the sand. What "religion of peace" kills victims of rape because they dishonored their families? What "religion of peace" stages violent protests against mere cartoons?
Ann Coulter once famously said, "Muslims are the only group who kill because they're angry people have called them violent."
That woman is so right in so many ways!
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