Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Liberal Dysfunction

It never ceases to amaze me, the depth of Liberal hate, anger and intolerance. It shouldn't really surprise me -- I've often been the target of vitriol and obscenity as well as charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, etc. Yet, I always seem to be stopped short at the bile, the rage, the incoherence. It's really quite stunning.

As an example, I recently engaged in a dialogue, for lack of a better term, with an individual in the comments column on YouTube. The video in question was a speech by Evan Sayet to the Heritage Foundation entitled How Modern Liberals Think . Drop by this site, watch the video and scroll down to read the comments. You'll know my comments by the screen name, Montagsworld.

The Liberals made some of the most outrageous claims. One of the most recent posts came from one Bikegirl1983: "god you arericans are so stupid.... long live china savuour of the human race... death to the usa... composery abortions hear we" Now, put aside, for the moment, the sheer illiteracy of this glittering jewel of insanity. Look at what this young lady is advocating. And this is only the latest.

ManhattanMC sparred with me for a week or so but, when I threw his own words back at him, he went all into a hissy fit: "now you've finally pissed me off-america racist and sexist-no-only the rednecks and the plutes-you have provided no non-anecdotal evidence of social mobility-is it necessary to believe a bunch of mythical bull about america to love it "I think not"

And this was actually one of the more sensible Liberals on the boards. One gentleman from the Netherlands, whom I'll decline to quote, spewed nothing but obscenity for post after post, calling everyone who disagreed with him "retarded"

But back to ManhattanMC. He demanded that I back up my arguments with sources. Yet, each time I cited my source, he had a reason not to credit it. None of his reasons had anything to do with the evidence presented, it was purely an ad hominem attack on the source itself. "Thomas Sowell is nothing but a race puppet, along with Condoleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas", "Dixie Lee Rae cannot be credible because she was the Secretary of the Atomic Energy Commission under Richard Nixon". these are all paraphrases, but you get the point. Not one source that disagrees with his worldview can ever possibly be believed.

Even very Liberal news outlets -- The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the like -- are "nothing but organs of the corporate fascists that are really running the country".

I don't know anyone who could make this stuff up!

But, less you think that they are nothing but hate, let's let ManhattanMC put a little perspective on the War on Terror: "I am more afraid of Bush and his pseudo-cons and other fascists than I am of a bunch of Muslim goat herders." In other words, we were not at all at risk until George W. Bush stole the elections of 2000 and 2004!

This also illustrates why the Left today cannot be taken seriously regarding the defense of America. Besides considering terrorism a law enforcement, rather than a military matter -- which ManhattanMC also stated should be the focus -- he thinks that these poor, backward "Muslim goat herders" are no real threat.

Let's see: 9/11 wasn't really those incapable "Muslim goat herders"?

Alright! Try this one: How many goat herders, Muslim or otherwise, have you ever heard of using the Internet to further the cause of Jihad? This just in from the Daily Mail in Great Britain: Computer geek, son of diplomat, revealed as Al Qaeda's top cyber terrorist... Now that's what I call a really savvy goat herder!

What is the problem with Liberals like these? How do they become so consumed with rage, to the point of spewing talking points from the Tin Hat Brigade?

Perhaps Michael Savage is correct: "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"

And how is America ever to bridge the gap, the polarization between Conservatives and Liberals, when even the Liberals can't admit that America has, for the most part, been a force for good in the world?

I don't pretend tho know the answers to these questions. But I do have to admit: Liberals are awfully funny, aren't they?


Jan16th, 2008

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