Wednesday, November 22, 2006


In searching for a solution to the ongoing hostilities in Iraq, we've had our friends on the Left squawking for "a new direction". Of course, they offer little in the way of actual suggestions. Among the most laughable was Jack Murtha saying he didn't want to cut and run, but to redeploy the troops somewhere in the region, somewhere like Okinawa.
Recently, we've had the Iraq Study Group, led by known multi-lateralist James Baker. True to form in Washington DC, the ostensibly secret meetings leaked like a sieve. One suggestion leaked was that the US seek the aid of Iran and Syria in quelling the violence in Iraq.
Probably to derail such a US effort, Iran and Syria made overtures to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to work on ways to secure Iraq's security.
Question: Why isn't this like Adolph Hitler making overtures to the Polish government to help them from their attempted rescue by the Allies?
If there is any doubt that Iran and Syria are the last countries to ask for help in Iraq, let's just look at how they are helping Lebanon. Hezbollah has rearmed and is stronger than ever, thanks to the Bush Administration pressuring Israel to a ceasefire before the irregular wing of the Iranian Army was destroyed. One after one, each and every politician in Lebanon who is opposed to Syrian influence is assassinated, most recently Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel yesterday.
Oh, and let's not forget a moment that Iran runs Syria which has been funding, manning, and arming the Sunni insurgency. And while we're at it, let's not forget that Iran also runs the Shiite militias that have been running roughshod over the Iraqi body politic.

Iran, it seems, has been playing both sides against the middle in Iraq ever since the fall of Saddam. Iran is the source of almost all the IED's that have been plaguing our troops. They have been helping to ship in foreign fighters for the cause of jihad.
So why would the Iraq Study Group want to invest so much hope in Iran? Recall, James Baker was the same guy who helped shape Bush the Elder's policy vis a vis Iraq back in 1991. Those guys thought it would be best for all involved to leave Saddam Hussein in power. They had as much faith in America's ability to lead the world as, well... as Democrats.
As for al Maliki, can we question his decision? Intellectually, I suppose we can. But in actual practice? He was duly elected by his people to lead his nation and who he talks to is really up to him. Personally, I wish he wouldn't. But I am not an Iraqi, so I don't have a say.
However, here in America, we have to look at these multilateralists and ask: What's wrong with you?
In 2004, we had John Kerry talking about "passing the global test" and embracing France, a country that wouldn't help us get Hitler out of Paris, let alone Saddam out of Baghdad. Now we have folks urging us to pull out of Iraq so that the terrorrists will like us like they did before we elected George Bush the Younger. We have American radical groups founded by noted Marxists and staffed by the grandchildren of convicted and executed Soviet spies suing in Germany to have our Secretary of Defense charged with war crimes. And Charlie Rangel wants the draft to stop war and get cheap labor for the Nanny State.
And still, the limp spined cry out for an international consensus before America does anything. We are now to be "citizens of the world", and forsake loyalty to the country that the rest of humanity wishes it could live in or be like.
At the risk of repeating my essay on First Principals, let me remind you, Faithful Readers, that America is the one country that does, and has done, more than all other nations combined throughout the entire history of the world to better the lot of all mankind. We feed more people. We have allowed more folks to achieve a degree of Liberty heretofore unheard of. We have deposed more tyrants than any other nation in history.
In short, America is the one force for good in this world that can be relied upon to actually succeed. And where we have failed? It was merely a loss of will. We gave up, plain and simple, in Viet Nam.
And the Democrats want us to give up again in Iraq. They want to relive their glory days, when the attended protest marches, unbathed, and "stuck it to the man, man!"
They simply do not believe that America is, in fact, a force for good. When Liberals are asked
if it is good that Saddam Hussein is no longer torturing, raping and executing his people, many actually say "No! Iraq was better off under Saddam". Those are the rare brutally honest Liberals. Most hem and haw and try to change the subject.
If Iraq wants to have Iranian/Syrian help with the insurgency, then there is little the US can do about it. We went there to give the people of Iraq control of their country and this is a decision of their own elected officials.
But I will say that this is a terrible idea. It is putting the fox in charge of the hen house, nothing less.
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