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Yup!  You read that right, my Friends!

"Dopenhagen" is the only way to spell that fiasco!  The only folks who have anything to cheer about are those of us on the Right.  The Left are almost apoplectic about the abysmal failure of the United Nations to achieve the stated goals of the the grand conclave in Denmark.

And what were those goals?  Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley  has already said it best.  But, in a nutshell, allow me to state those goals in my own words:

  1. The establishment of a world government with no provisions for elections, legislatures, or any other form of representative governance.

  2. The transfer of vast sums of money and property from the developed world ( read that as "the United States") to the Third World in order to satisfy our "climate debt".  Ostensibly, these are a form of reparations for the "destruction of the environment" due to our profligate burning of fossil fuels.

  3. Enforcement of these nefarious provisions, without any sort of popular representation or ballots, thereby condemning the Western World to poverty and squalor through the ruining of our economy.  Incidentally, this will also condemn the Third World to abject poverty, since it will, in effect, be turned into a massive and expensive welfare client.  Students of history should be aware of the failure of welfare states to improve anyone's state in life.

Thankfully, the Copenhagen Conference failed to achieve those stated goals.  They accomplished neither a binding treaty nor even an agreement.  What they came up with was merely an "Accord".  Totally non-binding, it is nothing more than a further statement of desired goals, with none of the Marxist trappings the UN was hoping for.

This silver lining isn't without its cloud, however.  It still provides for vast sums of money and property to be spent on the Third World.  The Copenhagen Accord is still a failure, albeit a very expensive failure.

Now, lest anyone doubt that the goals of the Copenhagen Conference were, indeed, Marxist and totalitarian, please take note of three very well-received speakers at the festivities:  Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, and Robert Mugabe.  Jonah Goldberg, in today's New York Post, can give you all the details.  One national-socialist dictator after another blamed capitalism in general, and the US in particular, for all the ills of the world -- real and imagined.

Mr. Goldberg even mentioned this delicious irony from the redoubtable Hugo Chavez:
In a typical stemwinder, he belched: "Capitalism is a destructive model that is eradicating life, that threatens to put a definitive end to the human species."
I don't know how to say "chutzpah" in Spanish, but you've got to hand it to the leader of the world's No. 5 supplier of oil for bemoaning the system that keeps his regime afloat by buying his product.
Read more:
 And just how well-received were these tin pot dictators?  Warm applause and exuberant standing ovations.  This, according Lord Monckton, from even members of the developed world, industrial nations who should know better than to sway towards socialism.  And we have far too many of them.

The Messiah, President Barrak Obama, braving a blizzard of snow -- uh, I mean Global Warming,  flew in to Copenhagen toward the end to try to salvage the negotiations.  With much media fanfare, he angrily exhorted China, India, Brazil and South Africa to drop their intransigent demands that they be allowed to burn as much fossil fuel as they want.

Claiming victory in his negotiations (some of which he had to crash, as he wasn't even invited) Saint Barrak promised billions of aid to the Third World and folded to the Group of Four in their demands that they be allowed to burn fossil fuel.

Immediately following this stellar example of diplomacy, The Messiah flew back to Washington, DC, to avoid the worst of today's blizzard that is blanketing the East Coast.

Let's ignore, for today, the delicious irony of The Gore Effect.  What we need to focus on is the reaction of the Left.  It is most instructive:

  • The UK Guardian reports on the almost universal reaction that the summit was an abject failure, quoting almost exclusively Left leaning NGO's and environmental groups.

  • The EuroNews web site reports that the Sudan is far from happy, quoting the African delegate, Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping:  
“[The Accord] asks Africa to sign a suicide pact. It is a solution based on the values which, in our opinion, channelled six million people in Europe to the (Nazi) furnaces.”

  •  The UK Telegraph reports the talks resulted in "a meltdown".

  • SFGate's Thin Green Line blog said the accord was a " 'sham' and a 'greenwash' at best".

  • GMANews.TV tells of Green protests at the summit against the Accord, quoting Bill McKibben, of  "I don't know why we bothered to go and elect Obama."  At YouTube, you can see a video of these protests, complete with chants of "Yes We Can!  No They Won't!"
These are but a few of the reactions from the Left.  On the Right, however, that breeze you feel is a collective sigh of relief that global government and the enforced and totalitarian impoverishment of all the world has, for now at least, been averted.

But don't ever think that these crypto-Marxists are going to go away.  They'll be back and we'll have to be ready for them!

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