Thursday, December 24, 2009

Constitution? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Constitution!

First of all, let me wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I don't do the "Happy Holidays" nonsense, since the message of Christmas is "peace on earth, good will toward men". Therefore, it is a message for everyone, Christian or otherwise. So, again, Merry Christmas, everyone!

Do you remember all those civil liberties we lost to the tyrannical Bush Administration, thanks to the fear of terrorism and the Patriot Act? Remember all those people who had their library records ransacked by the FBI? The law abiding citizens whose phone calls were monitored by the Terrorist Surveillance Program?

Neither do I. Probably, because the accusations of "shredding the Constitution" were just the political posturings of a Left that was still deranged over their failed attempt to steal the 2000 election.

Normally, I don't get too exercised about government actions. Oh, sure! Each time a law is passed, that's just a little more of our precious Liberty dying on the vine. But it's one thing when it is done by our elected legislators and it involves our own institutions and bureaucracies. At least then we still had some representation in the matter. It's still wrong, but we were complicit.

But what if a foreign law enforcement agency were given a more free hand to operate in the United States than our own domestic police agencies? What if that foreign law enforcement agency answered to a foreign court that America has yet to recognize? What if said agency were immune to any attempt to seize its property or examine its archives? And what if this were done, not by a vote of our elected representatives, but through an executive order by the President?

This is precisely what The Messiah, President Barack H. Obama did on Dec. 17th, 2009 with Executive Order Number 13524. Apparently, this wasn't newsworthy, as News Busters found no mention of this travesty anywhere in the New York Times or the AP. You can read for yourselves the facts here and here.

First, let me give you a little history.

The US belongs to the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL. Back in 1983, President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12425. This granted INTERPOL many of the privileges and and courtesies afforded diplomats and certain international organizations, as covered by the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288). However, recognizing that INTERPOL is a police agency, Reagan wisely made certain exceptions to the immunities and privileges granted to the international police.

Firstly, IINTERPOL was not granted to immunity from seizure of property. This would enable an American, wrongly accused by INTERPOL, to get satisfaction through legal suits. This is the sort of check and balance that helps keep our own domestic police from becoming oppressive.

Secondly, unlike other international organizations and diplomats, INTERPOL was made subject to the Freedom of Information Act, yet another check and balance against abuse of power by police.

What these two exceptions do, in essence, is subjugate INTERPOL to the same Constitutional restrictions that domestic police agencies have to work within. You, as an American, had the very same rights when under the investigation of INTERPOL, as you would have by the FBI or a local sheriff. And, should those rights be violated, you would have the legal right to investigate any possible wrong-doing and to seek redress.

It was bad enough when the priapic President Bill Clinton issued EO 12971. That gem amended EO 12425 to allow INTERPOL to be exempt from "the portions of Section 2(d) and Section 3 relating to customs duties and federal internal-revenue importation taxes". Only the government's revenue stream was hurt there. Besides, I'm in favor of tax cuts, even the elimination of taxes, on everyone. So, if INTERPOL got a tax break, more power to them!

Saint Barack, however, violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution with his EO 13524. But more on that later.

Recall what was written in Dopenhagen a couple of days ago. The original goal of the Copenhagen climate summit was a treaty that would establish a world government with the power to tax and to enforce its decisions, thereby destroying capitalism as we know it, all without the benefit of elected officials. Saint Barack was all about signing that treaty. He flew into a blizzard (See the Gore Effect ) to try to bring this New World Order Obamanation about.

Thankfully, negotiations went down in flames and all The Messiah was left with was an "accord" that was non-binding and had no teeth, but still promises billions to the governments of Third World nations to keep their people living in squalor.

Ah! But the Statists never quit and they never tire. Now, The Messiah, Saint Barack, has elevated INTERPOL, a foreign police agency, above the FBI. Indeed, INTERPOL has risen above even the Constitution itself!

You read that right, Folks! If INTERPOL comes knocking on your door, you have no right to demand a warrant. If wrongly accused, you have no right to seek redress, or even investigate their files for evidence that you were wronged. Nor are domestic police agencies any guarantee that INTERPOL plays by the rules. If you lived any amount of time in New York, you know how diplomats are above the law.

Some of you, mainly those on the Left, will say, "What's the big deal? He's the President and he has the right to issue executive orders! Every president does it! Besides, they give out diplomatic immunity, why not for INTERPOL?"

All of that may be true, except diplomats and most other international organizations are not police agencies. Diplomats can't search your premises, can't arrest you, can't bring charges against you to the International Criminal Court. The United States has not joined the ICC, by the way, since many of its provisions violate American sovereignty.

Did you know that INTERPOL has its American offices headquartered in the Justice Department in Washington, DC? Does this now mean that the Justice Department now has an inviolable stash to hide documents from the American people, immune to FOIA requests?

Be aware, ladies and gentlemen! The Left is committed to destroying the United States as a representative republic. It has been working toward this end since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We see this in the constant violations of the Constitution in such things as domestic spending, gun control, progressive taxes, the expanded powers of bureaucracy, climate treaties, even such simple semantic mechanisms such as substituting the word "republic" with "democracy".

The ultimate goal is the destruction of capitalism and the American way of life and the subjugation of the American people under a world government run by the very same Third World bureaucrats who brought you the Oil-for-Food scam and brothels and rape run by the "UN Peacekeepers" in Africa. All of this to be run by a few, well-connected elites like Maurice Strong and Al Gore, the Grand Prelate of the Church of Gore.

The time has come, my Friends, to look at just what was meant by "Yes We Can".

We had better before it's too late.

Copyright Dec. 24th, 2009


DrChi said...

The violation of American Sovereignty? So what! The fact that we live in a sovereign nation-state system is the mere basis for the fact of why terrorism exists in our world! If we had one world constitution which would allow a parliament of equally represented citizens to vote on international issues and one world court which would allow us to settle our discrepancies in the world it would allow the people of the world to completely eliminate the need for terrorism (whether is be national terrorism by the military to maintain the stasis of its imperial control or whether it is the private terrorism which is responding in opposition to this oppressive force). And through the elimination of terrorism we as individuals wouldn't have the strained life of having to paying so many taxes under this misleading idea that our military is defending our rights as Americans in a sovereign nation-state system. What is actually happening is that the captialism prevents the existence of true democracy for the simple reason that it requires two things to continue to exist: 1.) continued growth, and 2.)a heirarchical system (the poor, the working class, and the wealthy elite). We don't have a true democracy in the United States because the political & social freedomes that we have are channeled & controled through a lack of financial freedom. To have true democracy we must have equality amongst all people on a more holistic point of view (i.e. political, social, & financial). The reason why we have difficulty advancing our society in this technological age where it should be a given is simply because those who have the capitalistic advantage (the wealthy elite) do everything they can to keep the status quo (lack of societal advancement). They trick the people into believing that our military involvement is to fight for the rights of all Americans when in actuality its purpose as never be anything but the ability to control individual nations through violence (war) or the fear of that violence. That can only be done in a sovereign nation-state system. What we need to realize as individuals is that our system of monopoly-capitalism is what prevents us from having financial freedom, mostly because we have to compete with all other nations and at the same time have to fund a $560 billion military need to be able to keep that control at any given time. Our government is being used as a puppet government by the wealthy elite who pull the strings of our politicians. They only fund politicians who will support & pass the laws of interest to their objectives to maintain this status quo. And in the the process, we as Americans think we have freedom by being able to go to the polls and freely vote for one of the two candidates we have placed on the ballots before us. But in reality those two politicians are bought & paid for to support the interests of the wealthy elite to maintain our status quo and all our voting actually accomplishes is the satiation from the people to think we free chose this person as our presidential politician. It is a facade!!! It is time for us to wake up and smell the roses. We need to eliminate this need for excessive funding & waste of resources through military need of terroristic activities (national & private)so that we can use that money in more constructive ways that will be to the benefit of all mankind! Learn more about the truth and our ability to escape this facade that we live in this "existing world order"

Montag said...

Thank you, Dr. Chi, for your comments.

Just curious, but aren't the proponents of world government and "social justice" led by wealthy elites? You know -- folks like George Soros and Maurice Strong?

Sorry, my Friend! But, if the history of the world is anything to judge from, I'd prefer a highly decentralized, nation-state system to the one-size-fits-all you describe. At least with my preference, I can always vote with my feet.

With a world government, where can dissidents go?
I mean other than re-education camps.