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Of course, everyone knows the punchline: "When her lips are moving."

Hillary has the very same aversion to honesty as her priapic husband, Bill. The only difference is she just can't pull it off with the aplomb, the elan, of the former Co-conspirator in Chief.

And now, with the Legacy Media all agog with Saint Obama, even the Clintonistas' propaganda organ can't keep a lid on the lies. Let's review, shall we?

Remember the cattle futures?

Back in 1994, the Washington Post reported that, in 1978, Hillary was allowed to make a $12,000 investment in cattle futures, although she had only $1000 in her account. Within ten months, she somehow leveraged that under capitalized "investment" into a $100,000 profit, a 10,000% rate of return. Of course, when questioned about these things, Hillary claimed that she learned how to do that by reading the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ, for its part, questioned this stunning windfall, asking if, perhaps, this was some sort of bribe filtered through the futures market.

The bottom line is, no one who is at all experienced in such financial dealings believes that Hillary benefited from nothing more than good advice and a little luck. There is something rotten there, and although the Legacy Media didn't want to look to deeply into it, the smell lingers on.

Anyone remember when Hillary claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary?

It didn't take long for that whopper to be found out! It turns out that Hillary (the mendacious politician) was born five years before Sir Hillary and Tonzig Norgay climbed Mount Everest. This one still stinks, since even references the matter and thoroughly debunks this myth as an utterly false urban legend. Still, the Legacy Media does little promote the truth of this fairy tale. Katie Couric, on CBS News, reported on Sir Edmund's death this past January with fluffy comments about our very own prevaricator, Hillary. No mention in the piece, by the way, of the false story that Hillary started.

Rose Law Firm billing records, anyone?

They were subject to subpoena for two years, in relation to congressional investigations Clintonista scandals, but the Clinton White House denied they had them. Suddenly, the New York Times reported, just twenty four hours after another "miraculous discovery", as Sen. Alphonse Damato (R, NY) quipped, they turned up in the First Lady's book room in the White House residence. Further, when subjected to forensic examination, they were found to have only Hillary's fingerprints all over them. No serious explanation was ever forthcoming, and the matter seemed to disappear. But is does make one wonder...

Oh, and the other "miraculous discovery"? That was an internal White House memo detailing Hillary's involvement in the firing of the White House Travel Office employees (otherwise known as "Travelgate") which Hillary was also denying any knowledge of.

If you are tempted to defend Hillary by saying this was merely the result of being closely identified with her known perjurer, the priapic Bill, let's also recall that she worked for the House Judiciary Committee back in 1974. World Net Daily has the story. Her boss, Jerry Zeifman, no member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, had to ultimately fire her without a letter of recommendation. What Hillary and her partner, Bernard Nussbaum of Clintonista scandal fame, tried to do was to deny President Richard Nixon the right to counsel in the Watergate investigation, on the grounds that there was no precedent, despite the then recent impeachment case of William O. Douglas. So how did Hillary support her arguments? World Net Daily reports: "Zeifman claims Clinton bolstered her fraudulent brief by removing all of the Douglas files from public access and storing them at her office, enabling her to argue as if the case never existed." The article further quotes Mr. Zeifman as saying that Hillary was a "liar" and "an unethical, dishonest lawyer." This from a lifelong Democrat.

We could go on and on with the many versions of Hillary's reality, but let's just skip ahead, shall we? Let's look at some of the more recent adventures in the Land of Hillary.

Hillary was an opponent of the Iraq war before Saint Obama:

Jake Tapper, of ABC News, makes mincemeat of that bit of theater. Even, as Hillary has tried to say, if you only consider the question from the year 2005, when Saint Obama entered the Senate. And if you don't use the Hillary measuring stick (the January, 2005 starting date) she still doesn't explain her vote for the Iraq invasion in the first place. Nor her sometimes pro, sometimes con stances regarding our troops in Iraq.

Hillary knows what it's like to be under fire:

Everyone has heard about this one -- that Hillary and Chelsea landed in Bosnia under heavy sniper fire -- by now, so there is little point in going over the matter in detail. Suffice it to say that even CBS News, purveyor of the phony documents story, couldn't let that one slide. Although, I have to admit that I have questions after viewing Barely Political's revealing video on YouTube. Actually, no, I thought it was a brilliant bit of political satire.

Young woman dies after being denied medical care:

The web site reports Hillary's anecdote thusly:

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton shared a touching story while on the campaign trail the last few weeks. If we had health care for everyone, things like this wouldn't happen.

Clinton shared, “I remember listening to a story about a young woman in a small town along the Ohio River, in Meigs County, who worked in a pizza parlor,” “She got pregnant, she started having problems. There’s no hospital left in Meigs County, so she had to go to a neighboring county.”

“She showed up, and the hospital said, ‘You know, you’ve got to give
us one hundred dollars before we can see you.’ She didn’t have a hundred dollars.”

“So the young woman went back home. The next time she went back,
she was in an ambulance. It turned out she lost the baby. She was airlifted to Columbus. And after heroic efforts at the medical center, she died.”

Folks should be angry that this happened in America. Angry about the woman who died? No, The Story, it is inaccurate.

Even the New York Times, long standing Clinton defenders that they are, had to cover this contatempt. It seems that both the hospital and the family of the young lady deny the veracity of the story. The only thing Hillary got right was that the mother and baby both died. But they did have health insurance and they were not denied treatment. But that doesn't stop Hillary from repeating the apocryphal tale on the stump. Hey! Why let facts get in the way of a good speech? Says Hillary, " “It hurts me that in our country, as rich and good of a country as we are, this young woman and her baby died because she couldn’t come up with $100 to see the doctor.”

Again, I could go on and on with these tid bits. But the point of the matter is, how much more mendacity do Americans have to take from the Clintons? Weren't the 1990's bad enough?

And if -- God forbid! -- Hillary wins the election in November, why would anyone in the world believe anything coming from her administration?

Ah, yes! The Clintons! They are a gold mine for folks who write about the political scene. Still, America will be much better off when they finally leave that scene.

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