Thursday, March 6, 2008


One group of folks are never asked, by the Legacy Media at least, which American political parties they prefer. Yet, you can look between the lines of the Legacy Media and see a few signs.

Take the bombing of the New York City Army recruiting station in Times Square this morning. Who would do such a thing? Personally, I find it telling that eight Democrats from New York received letters ranting about America and including a photo of the station. Why would they send them to Democrats?

Then again, there's this story from South America. It seems that, when Colombian forces took out that FARC camp in Ecuador, they found a bit of intel. One of the terrorists killed in the attack had a laptop computer, which gave up all sorts of evidence that Hugo Chavez, the diminutive dictator of Venezuela, has been helping them along for the last ten years.

This laptop contained correspondence between Raul Reyes, the lead terrorist killed who also served as the "public face" of FARC; Manuel Marulanda, the legendary supreme leader of the Marxist group; and Ivan Marquez, FARC's man in Venezuela. The upshot of the documents on the seized laptop is that Venezuela is working with FARC to overthrow the government of Colombia, which is an American ally.

Also, little remarked upon in the Legacy Media, is this little datum: it seems that FARC and Chavez are rooting for Saint Obama in the US presidential race. Reports World Net Daily:
Writing two days before his death, Reyes tells his secretariat comrades that "the gringos," working through Ecuador's government, are interested "in talking to us on various issues."
"They say the new president of their country will be (Barack) Obama," noting that Obama rejects both the Bush administration's free trade agreement with Colombia and the current military aid program.
Reyes said the response he relayed is that the U.S. would have to publicly express that desire.

So, apparently, someone in Saint Obama's camp is working with Marxist narco-terrorist, who fund their operations with the poison sold to our people, who murder, bomb and kidnap, and who seek the violent overthrow of a government friendly to the United States. Where have we seen this before?

Looking at past behavior, one can be certain that the Democrats in Congress, as well as those vying for the Presidency, will not be entirely friendly with the Colombian government. After all, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) feted Fidel Castro, another friend of FARC, when he last visited New York. And more recently, he had a trip to Cuba partly funded by the Castro government.

We all remember, also, the hapless Jimmy Carter, who allowed one ally of the United States after another to fall to Marxist and Islamo-fascist forces. And the Democrats who sided with Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas, while President Reagan, whose power it was as President, was trying to unseat the Marxists and let the people of Nicaragua have a chance at electing their own government.

Well, Ortega got elected el Presidente of Nicaragua last year, and he's been pretty chummy with Chavez and the Castro boys. Now, he's dabbling in American politics. The International Herald Tribune reports Saint Obama has received the endorsement of formet Soviet lackey and Marxist thug Daniel Ortega.

It just gets more and more surreal, folks! Not only does Saint Obama have a rather sordid and Marxist past (see It's An Obama-Nation!) he is now garnering the support of noted, if not in all cases still breathing, Marxists from South America.

Is he walking and quacking enough like a duck yet?

Aaron Kline, the Israeli journalist and author of Schmoozing With Terrorists, has documented exhaustively the preference of Jihadists and other Islamo-fascists for Democrats and Liberals in American politics. Take any video or audio tape by Osamma bin Ladin, for instance. Every point he raises comes straight out of the Democrats talking points memos.

The Democrats, I've often pointed out, cannot be trusted to define, let alone defend America's national interests. Historically, they have been on the wrong side, every time:

  • The sided with the Confederacy

  • They promulgated Jim Crowe and fought the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  • The started (with a lie) the Viet Nam War and then tried to hang Nixon with it, in the end causing us to quit, rather than to achieve victory.

  • They opposed the liberation of Kuwait.

  • They opposed Reagan's efforts to win the Cold War.

  • And now they oppose America actually winning another, more dangerous, war, the War on Terror.

With a track record like this, is it any wonder that America's enemies are rooting for Saint Obama?

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Montag said...

Hello, Folks!

This is Montag with a special note. Anonymous had sent a comment that, due to his inablility to control himself and his language, I cannot in good conscience allow on Montag's World. However, I will answer his post here.

In between invective and obscenity, he stated that the story of the laptop computer found in the FARC camp in Ecuador by Colombian soldiers had already been discredited. Actually, this is not the case. The New York Times reports that Ecuador denied the veracity of the report, but that is far from proving it is false. Ecuador, obviously, was named along with Venezuela in the documents found in the laptop.

What do you expect Venezuela and Ecuador to do when faced with evidence that they are fomenting revolution in their neighbor? Say, "Oh, well! We're busted! Our bad!"?

Oh, and though the laptop included some references to uranium sales, there was no reference to WMD's. They were going to sell the uranium for cash, as they sell cocaine and heroin. There was no evidence of their using the uranium as a weapon.

Anonymous, not only are you incapable of civil conversation, you are incapable of actually reading and retaining the news.

Tell me, what do you want to be if you grow up?

Montag said...

A little more about FARC and their laptops. Mary Anastasia O'Grady, of the Wall Street Jounal expands upon the material found by Colombia. Greg Palast's attempts to minimize the finds aside, There have been far more contacts between FARC and the governments of Venzuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Let us also not forget that FARC, which earns its funding through narcotics sales and regularly commits atrocities against civilians, was using Ecuador and, presumably Venezuela, as a "safe harbor" from which to attack Colombia.

And so, I repeat my question to Anonymous: What do you want to be if you grow up?

Anonymous said... you see anyone paying attention to the administration on this one peabrain...they're all laughing at you...Only country in the whole HEMISPHERE supporting right wing death squad leader and crackpot, Uribe, is your nineteen percent of this one...givvitup fool. You're a joke...who will never grow up.

Montag said...

Actually, Anonymous, I don't recall citing anything from the Bush Administration.

Furthermore, being among a minority of folks who think and believe as I do doesn't make me wrong.

After all, once everyone thought eugenics was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I still think eugenics was a good idea even though it did come from nazis like yourself and was aimed at the wrong if you'd deleted yourself from the gene pool...

Anyone who believes we can take such silly and convenient evidence as this farc thing at face value and from such a source should not be a citizen. Although, I certainly would not fault Chavez if he did do it. Farc is a rebel group fighting corrupt US toadies...they deserve all the help they can get and is a minor intrusion compared to blatant US interference and meddling in the area for two hundred years.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, being among a minority of folks who think and believe as I do doesn't make me wrong.

Oh, it certainly does...wrong AND evil.

Montag said...

Ah! You not only believe that eugenics is a good idea, you also think that narco-terrorist and Marxist dictators are in the right, while America is wrong.

And I suppose you also reject the accusation that Liberals actually hate America.

Paradox upon paradox! Sorry, anonymous, the Emperor (Liberalism) is actually naked and his "new outfit" doesn't exist.