Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My name is Gregory Indelicato. My nom de guerre is Guy Montag.
This is my entry into the vast and wild world of the blogosphere, wherein I will offer up my views of all that is going on in America politically and culturally.
I am also interested in music, history, the sciences and a whole host of other subjects, so please feel free to write to me on any topic at all. I'll be happy to respond to any and all civil posts in my comments section.
Why did I choose the title, MONTAG'S WORLD ? And just who is Guy Montag? Well, the story goes back a few years. I was a frequent caller to various local (NYC, that is) talk radio shows. I found that the Liberal hosts (Lynne Samuels and Mario Cuomo, among others) were extremely intolerant to opposing voices. Lynne Samuels called me an ignoramus and Mario Cuomo tried to cut me off with a commercial and made a joke at my expense when the commercial wasn't quite ready to air.
I dawned on me that Political Correctness was making it difficult for those who disagree to actually voice their ideas. In other words, it became apparent that the folks who called the most stridently for tolerance were, in fact, the most intolerant of anyone with whom they disagreed.
The classic cautionary tale from the 1950's came to mind -- Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. Mr. Bradbury told the tale of a future where all buildings were fireproof, where all forms of literature were frowned upon, where the firemen still went out on calls, only they pumped kerosene to burn any books they found. In other words, to avoid anyone being unhappy with anything anyone else wrote, all books would be burned.
About this time, there was an uproar in the media about a book by Charles Murray, The Bell Curve. Folks who never read the book were demanding that it be taken off the shelves because it purported to examine ethnic and racial differences in IQ. There were active campaigns to rid the airwaves of such Conservative commentators as Rush Limbaugh and Bob Grant. Bill Clinton was blaming Conservative talk radio for the Oklahoma City bombing. And Time magazine was questioning Conservative punditry's effect on the nation's political health.
And so I took upon myself the name of Bradbury's fireman, Guy Montag, who got a little too curious about the books he was burning and became a pariah. He joined an underground of book runners who memorized books, in expectations of the days when they can be printed and read again.
And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me once again welcome you to MONTAG'S WORLD. All are welcome, regardless of views, and all may comment. Indeed, all are encouraged to comment, suggest, postulate, and join me on my little cyber soap box.
Welcome, one and all!

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